Here's what people say about me!

Caroline Paulic
Software Engineer @ Fire Engine Red

Joseph is the most dependable, honest, and selfless person I’ve ever met...He is an extraordinary software developer, mentor, and leader, and I would gladly sign up to be on one of his teams in the future.

Of all the technical leads I’ve worked under in the past, Joseph has been my favorite, by far. If you’re looking for an honest, ambitious, dependable team lead with a great sense of humor, you’ll find it in Joseph.

Thelma Alane
CFO / CIO @ WaySine

I have worked with many programmers, coders and developers in my career and it is my belief that Joseph Gefroh is one of the best I have met. He is methodical, he thinks through and plans his projects with care and detail that ensures that what he builds is scaleable, secure and easy to maintain.

Yet he is more, besides being an excellent software engineer, he is extremely adept at managing a team of engineers. He understands how they think, how to motivate them and how to get the best work out of the team. His guidance and patience results in a content team of programmers who create solid code behind solid systems. We are lucky to have him guiding our development and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from him!

Andrew Pearson-Wood
Systems Analyst @ eWorld Enterprise Solutions

It's rare that you find someone as dedicated to their craft as Joseph is to quality software development.

In just the short amount of time that we worked together, Joseph had an enormous influence on my growth as a software developer.

He is someone I consistently look to for advice and inspiration.

Bin Li
VP of Engineering @ Shyft Technologies

Joseph is one of the best engineers I have ever worked with. He has a clear mind about his career path, and he shows great leadership ability.

He is an engineer with passion and has a big picture view of the projects. I was very impressed by his quick and accurate actions on reviewing project code. He gives consideration to all kinds of factors and knows what the best solution will be.

Joseph is very good at managing projects, efficiently assigning time and resources. He has a good sense about the client requirements and plays a perfect role between clients and the engineering team.

I liked the time I spent working with Joseph, and I hope I can work with him again. I am looking forward to seeing his success in the future.

Kory Tegman
Lead Software Engineer @ Snap! Raise

At Snap! Raise I hired Joseph to take over my role as lead our Advance product. He made the most of the opportunity. He picked up on the technology fast and gained the respect of the team quickly as well. He is extremely well organized and has implemented very effective development practices and feature design practices. It is always nice to work with someone who is well versed in their skillset and open about making the team and business better. Sometimes that comes from challenging ideas that are not working well and at the same time making sure people are respected for their hard work.

All in all Joseph is a great technologist, mentor and team lead. I would recommend him for any position in any of those roles.

Kent Kawahara
Software Engineer @ Verys

I was very fortunate to have Joseph on my team. He took the time to teach me and paved the way for me to become a successful software developer. Even to this day, I still reach out to Joseph whenever I have questions.

Avraham Chazanow
CEO @ Jumpsuit Commerce

Joseph is patient, considerate and uber focused on getting it right the first time. He has a "Big Picture" understanding and gets both the technical and business logic. These qualities make for more than just a great engineer but a great team lead, and that is what he has done @ Jumpsuit.


Snap Raise!
Engineering Manager
Nov. 2017 - Present

Led multiple engineering teams in developing donation platforms and team fundraising solutions.

Jumpsuit Commerce
Sep. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Advised CEO and engineering team on technical direction and management issues.

Jumpsuit Commerce
Lead Software Engineer
Sep. 2016 - Sep. 2017

Led engineering team in building credit card processing and payments solutions.

Draft Fantasy
Investor / Advisor
Jan. 2017 - Present

Advising CEO on engineering management.

Member of Board of Directors
Jan. 2017 - Present

Working with stakeholders to become a non-profit organization.
Co-founder / CTO
Aug. 2015 - Aug. 2017

Led engineering team in building community platform.

Hike Aloha
Jan. 2015 - Jan. 2016

Advised founder on engineering management.

eWorld Enterprise Solutions
Tech Lead
Aug. 2013 - Aug. 2015

Led multiple teams in building high-value software projects.

Hawaii Pacific University
IT Technician
Jan. 2011 - Feb. 2013


Hawaii Pacific University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Graduated 2012, 3.99 GPA

Personal Projects


Task manager and hourly time tracker
AngularJS, Java EE

To the Farmer's Market
Farmer's market locator made for a hackathon
Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Docker, Postgres

Last Stand
2D side-scrolling arcade game
Java, LWJGL (OpenGL)

Chatbot personal assistant with SMS capabilities
Ruby on Rails, Vue.js

Server monitoring tool
bash, PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS,

Ambient noise generator and aural environment simulator